More simple is umpossible
Step 1: Choose your favorite net from the list.
Step 2: write the password if is encrypted
You are connected

What is wifi-join?
Wifi join is ultra simple way to connect to wifi networks. Only 1 or 2 steps.

How to install?
Not install needed

How to use?
You write as ROOT in command-line
# ./wifi-join.pl
the script will search all wifi networks in range. And will show the list.

Simply choose your favorite NET, and wifi-join will do all things.

The script will do:
1. Up the wifi card
2. Search networks and his security method ( none, wep, wpa, wpa2 )
3. Assosiate with the choosed access point
4. manage DHCP request
5. route the net to new GW
How to configure it
The script is pre-configured to use WLAN0, but you can edit to RA0, AT0 or better for you.


Comments, suggestions are welcome
contact section
Author Christian Schmitz.

License Is GNU, free to copy, redistribute, modify if the author name is remain.
You CAN NOT convert to privative any soft based into current script

130303- Initial release